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2019 Decor Goals

11 January 2019.

New year, new home, and time to plan what we need to accomplish for the year! This weeks post for #romancingthehome and my first post is all about our decor goals for 2019. Its quite a tough one when the house isn't completely finished but their is nothing like pushing yourself, and your husband hahaha to complete what needs to be done!

Last year was a crazy year, and looking back it surprises me how much we actually got done! Unfortunately we couldn't finish everything completely before we had to move in, and because of the festive season and everyone being on holiday, we haven't done much since then.

For my decor goals this year I want to focus on the finishes that still need to be done. I would love nothing more then to finish one room completely and move onto the next, but there is just too much to do and that will take forever. So I have decided before actually decorating with furniture and all the pretty things, we need to get the exterior and interior finishes done.


I believe the exterior of your home is very important as it is the first thing you see everyday when arriving home. I mean who wouldn't love coming home to beautiful flowers, a water feature and green grass greeting you!

Other than very green grass and some newly planted trees and flowers, we have not yet completed painting the exterior and that will be the first goal on our list, along with cleaning the exposed brick, and the window sills. I would also love to add some duck egg blue or raw wood (still need to make up my mind), shutters on the outside of the the windows just to complete the cottage style look.

A mood board I made for the exterior of Our Unique Home

There is nothing better than on a hot summers day (we seem to be having so many of these lately), to relax beside a pool with an ice cold coke! I have this thought everyday lately and that is why our next goal is to build a beautiful pool we will be able to enjoy for next summer. I would love a natural pool but I still have to convince my husband its a good idea, well at least he thinks I have to convince him haha! We would also like to get the shape of the dam right and plant some water plants so that the view from the patio is beautiful, relaxing and brings a lot of wildlife.

To accompany the dam I would love a fire pit, with a romantic feel! We love sitting down by the dam and I believe a fire pit just like the one below will make the experience even better! My aim is to make our home feel like we are on holiday everyday! The crucial part of the this area would definitely be the fairy lights!

Leading off my office, we have walled off a small piece of the garden so that we can create a "Zen Garden", and I would love to get this started. I think adding a fountain and lots of potted plants with a small table where you can take a break from work, and read a book or drink a cup of tea will create the perfect relaxing environment.


The Interior requires a lot more work. I would like to complete the skirting or base boards in all the bathrooms and dressing rooms, however we first need to find antique dressers for bathroom vanities and also complete the cupboards in the dressing rooms, before we can complete the skirting.

To complete our main bathroom we need to still install the countertops for the vanities, the chandelier, the basins ,taps, and shower doors! I also still want to get a shelving unit similar to the one in the image below, made for next to the bath.

Because I like to make things complicated as my husband would say, we also need to get custom shower doors for the other three bathrooms as well.

In the main bedroom and the lounge we have fireplaces, but haven't managed to find the right mantle pieces for them. I would like to make two custom wooden fireplace mantles, the one for the lounge will be a more simple farmhouse vibe, with a brick surround and a wooden mantle piece and shiplap above that. The bedroom mantle piece will be more of a french country style with a more romantic feel. What I can say is that they definitely don't look pretty without a mantle, and I cannot wait to decorate the mantles for Christmas this year!

I am also on the hunt for the right chandeliers and pendant lights for the staircase, kitchen island, and the dining room (I feel we have a very limited choice in South Africa). While we on the topic of lighting, I would also like to put in lights above all the vanities in the bathrooms which I begged ,my husband to make provision for but do they ever really listen?

I have not found a tile for the backsplash in the kitchen and the scullery. I might just end up going with subways as I know subways always look good. Once I have found the right tile we need to tile the backsplash in both the scullery and kitchen (not excited for the dust that will come with it). Another important feature which will change the feel of the house completely is the is the vent hood. We still have not made the vent hood, and the kitchen does not look complete without it! We need to make and install the vent hood and we also need to install some open shelving.

Once that is completed I would like to finish all the curtains and blinds in the house. We still have to do the three "spare" bedrooms, all their bathrooms and the entertainment area.

After all this is complete hopefully we can start filling up the house with furniture!

Let me know what your decor goals are, I would love to hear all about them!

Also please take a look at my fellow #romancingthehome friends and see what their decor goals are for the year too.

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