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Autumn wreath

1 March 2019

Although in South Africa we don’t have the typical autumn seen in the Northern hemisphere, it is definetly the best weather we have all year in Johannesburg.

The weather consists of little rain fall, cool mornings and evenings, and days that aren’t too hot. Although we are currently having a heat wave!

Instead of the leaves changing to reds, yellows and oranges we see beautiful fields of pink and white cosmos! I’m lucky enough to live across the road from a field like this and have this beautiful view every day.

These beautiful shades of pink are where I got my inspiration from for this weeks #romancingthehome challenge, an autumn wreath. I have wanted to change my decor according to the seasons for years now, and what better excuse than my blog! Normally it feels like we go from Summer and then all of a sudden its freezing cold and its winter! But with this challenge I have noticed the beauty of autumn and all the small changes we are experiencing!

Although I love fresh flowers and believe there is nothing better, it is more cost effective to use faux plants as they dont die. I would have loved to use real cosmos, however it dies really fast when picked and not placed in fresh water.

So let’s get to making this wreath. Firstly I collected all the faux greenery I had at home, I then wanted to add a bit of pink so I went and bought some faux pink berries.

The tools you will need include a vine wreath (they are hard to come by so I could only find white), pliers, floral scissors, floral wire, and a hot glue gun.

I first started securing greenery to the vine wreath with floral wire, doing one type of greenery at a time, once I was happy with the amount of greenery (six different types), I started placing the pink berries where I wanted them to go. The berries had to be glued in, which also secures the greenery and prevents it from sliding around, even though it was tied on with the floral wire.

I loved the way it was looking at this point but I felt like it needed a little more just to break the green. I found a left over dried stem with a grey colour that I used two years ago on another wreath, which added a bit more interest and so I decided to glue some of it on too.

And there you go! A simple wreath for your front door, back door, or to place over a mirror to add a bit of autumn into your house!

The ladies have also made some beautiful wreaths, so go check them out for some more inspiration! Don't forget to please share yours with #romancingthehome!

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Until next week!


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