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DIY Flower Arrangement

15 February 2019

Hey there! Hope everyone had the best week of love!

This week on #romancingthehome we decided to do some beautiful diy flower arrangements!

Growing up I was always around flowers because my mom was a florist for most of my life. She was a manager of a large franchise flower store, and worked a lot so I would often spend weekends and school holidays at the store with her. I learnt a lot and my love for flowers blossomed. 😂 I would often do my own little arrangements and was allowed to put them out on the floor to sell. I have also helped my mom with many weddings and birthday party flowers, and lately she has been helping me with all my ambitious ideas.

So this week was an easy one for me and only took a few minutes to do. I decided that I could do this beautiful blue flower arrangement for our friends, who just had our god son.

First I took a trip to my favourite place, the flower market and bought some supplies.

I bought


Oasis (floral foam)




The look I was going for was a very soft arrangement with no greenery and only flowers. The hydrangeas would be the focal point.


1. Soak the oasis (floral foam) in water for about two hours. You can tell if it is properly soaked if it is to floating at all any more.

2. Measure and cut the oasis into the correct size for your vase.

3. Start with your greenery if you are using any.

4. Fill in with your larger flowers.

5. Use fillers (for example Lisianthus) to fill in gaps.


1. The number one rule when using oasis is to not see it once the arrangement is finished!

2. Ensure when filling your container with oasis, you use large pieces.

3. It is important to not remove and place the flowers in the oasis too many times as the holes will cause the flowers to fall out.

4. Always cut the flowers too long rather than too short. You can always cut them shorter but you cannot get any length back.

So there you have it! It is so simple to create a beautiful arrangement as a gift or even just a coffee table center piece. I highly recommend doing your own arrangements rather than getting them done by a florist, as you will pay double the price than what it actually costs.

Go try it out and post a picture of how they turn out with #romancingthehome and #ouruniquehome

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