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Freshen up a forgotten space

25 January 2019

I can‘t believe it’s Friday again! Time sure does go fast, but then again January seems to be taking forever!

This week on #romancingthehome our challenge was to freshen up a forgotten space. This one was a tough one for me because we currently have so many spaces I would love to fill, not necessarily freshen up because there isn't anything in the spaces yet to freshen up! 😂 I am so glad for #romancingthehome, and I believe my husband is too, as it forces us to make updates to the house every week! I know for sure if I did not have this blog and the challenges every week the house would still be the same as when we moved in!

So initially I decided to do a wall in the scullery which is right by my garage door and the back door. I thought it would be great to have a bench where we could sit and take off our muddy gum boots after working in the garden and a great area for a meal plan and all things command center. So I went onto Facebook market place, which I find is great because you can find some real treasures on there, and found a bench.

According to the measurements given to me by the lady it would have fit perfectly in the space, but after driving an hour there and an hour back to fetch it, it didn’t fit! So it was time for plan B!

This was the bench in the initial space. It was also a blue/grey colour which I didn't like.

Really needed some attention!

I decided to move the whole project to the front door which also has my husbands garage door leading off of it. It would still be perfect for when he gets home and can dump all his things there, including shoes, because you know, dark floors require you to always take your shoes off so they can look semi decent!

This space was completely bare after taking all the Christmas decor down and definetly needed some love!

So the first thing I did was look up some inspiration pictures of command centres on Instagram and Pinterest (as always). Once I found a few I liked I started planning what I would need to get and make!

My list included:

Chalk board



Wire magazine rack/ paper holder



What I already had:

Picture Frames


Baskets for underneath the bench

Wreath (made this wreath in 2017)

Key holder

Pot for plant

Once I had my list I went and got everything I needed (I will include all the links below).

I bought two pillows for the bench, a clock, a wooden shelf, wire magazine rack, and an indoor plant. I also bought some chalk board paint so that I could convert an old photo frame into a chalk board.

I then started painting the bench. I used Rustoleum chalked ultra matte paint in linen white. I didn’t sand down the bench at all because that’s the beauty of chalk paint, it sticks to anything! I did two coats of the chalk paint and allowed to dry. To seel and protect the white paint I then used Rustoleum ultimate interior polyurethane in matte, and did three thin coats of this allowing time to dry inbetween.

Once the bench was done I needed to spray the wire rack black as the white didn’t look right with the other items. I used the Rustoleum Universal Spray Flat Black. This is a great product as it is a primer and paint in one which means you don’t need to apply anything else. I applied 3 light coats of this ensuring not to spray too close to the object otherwise it will run and end up peeling.

A photo frame made for me by my best friends mom 3 years ago, which I converted into a chalk board.

The last painting project was to paint the back board of the photo frame with Rustoleum chalk board paint. I applied two coats with four hours inbetween the coats.

Now with all the items painted I lay them out on the floor with the tape measurements of the wall. I then started measuring for the chalk board and hung that first and worked from there, hanging one item at a time.

Once everything was hung I then moved in the bench added some pillows and baskets, and there you have it, an awesome entryway styled bench / command centre!

Please don't forget to take a look at my friends posts, they have some great tips to freshen up a forgotten space!

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Rustoleum chalk board paint (linked the spray paint) - Builder Warehouse

Rustoleum Chalk Paint Linen White - Builders Warehouse

Rustoleum Polyurethane (only have gloss online) - Builders Warehouse

Rustoleum Spray Paint - Builders Warehouse

Clock - Not online but linked another one I liked from Mr Price Home

Shelf - Mr Price Home

Wire magazine rack/ paper holder - Mr Price Home

Pillows - Not online but are from Mr Price Home & Builders Warehouse

Plant - Your closest nursery or Mr Price Home


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