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Upcycled Antique Dresser

8 March 2019

Happy International Women's Day Ladies! I would like to take this opportunity to thank this community for all the support, love and encouragement you all have shown me while on this journey! A special thank you to my fellow #romancingthehome friends, Stacy, Ramona, Talia and Liz!

So its time for another, week of #romancingthehome, and this week we decided to do an up-cycled project.

One project I have loved doing while finishing the house was definitely the antique dresser turned bathroom vanity! We have done one so far and still need to find the perfect dressers for three other bathrooms.

They are difficult to find at the right price and size but they make such a big impact on a bathroom by creating a more homely feel, and adding some interest.

The Perfect height is important. The height will also depend on whether you plan to have a free standing basin, or whether you will have a drop in basin. You may also decide that at a later stage once you have found a dresser. If the dresser is a bit higher than the ideal height you will have to use a drop in basing and if its lower then a freestanding basin will work better. Because I am taller then most people, I prefer my basin to be higher then the normal height. My ideal height would be maximum 1 meter high (including the basin). That is quite a lot higher than the normal 90cm.

I would recommend before starting your search for a dresser to decide the ideal height you would like and then work from there.

I found my dresser on Facebook Market Place, and it was a bargain! I felt it was the perfect height to put a free standing basin on top and it would fit perfectly in the guest bathroom. To be honest we were in a rush to finish one bathroom vanity, at least before we moved in so once I found it and knew it was perfect we collected it and installed it the very next day. We didn't have a chance to sand and stain it a different colour before installing it, however it is definitely on our project list.

In order to install the tap (faucet) and basin, you will have to modify the dresser according to the tap and basin you have. In our case the modifications were minimal and only required a hole saw which is attached to a drill.

We drilled holes in the back, and two holes into the top for the drain and for the pipes for the tap, once we measured where everything would go. The plumber then installed everything where it needed to go without the draws. Once he was complete we put the draws in one at a time and marked out where they would need to be cut so they could go back in perfectly. Now this can be a problem if the vanity needs to store products and the draws will be used often. If the draw doesn't need to be used you can just glue it closed, however if it needs to be used, I would recommend modifying the draw once you have cut it by inserting new sides around the hole to prevent anything from falling out the draw.

Once the draws are modified you have a beautiful antique vanity! I would like to, as I said above sand and stain it a different colour as it is a bit too red now. Once it is stained I will also seal it with Rustoleum polyurethane, to protect it from any water damage that might occur.

I love this bathroom so much, and I think it will only get better as we add the final finishes like the shower screen, towel rails ,and some pretty wood shelving with decor!

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