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Welcome Friends!!!

I cannot express how excited I am that I finally took the step towards achieving one of my goals, and have decided to start my blog "Our Unique Home".It is definitely something out of my comfort zone! (any fellow introverts in the house?)

Let me start from the beginning and explain how this all happened! My now husband and I were living in a complex in a cluster home since the end of 2013. We moved to three different homes within that complex until we ended up in our own home. I was so happy with this home, because we could finally start making it our own and that is exactly what we did! My favourite part of this home was my garden! I Loved spending time in the garden and making it beautiful because it was small enough to maintain without spending a crazy amount on it.

We loved having dinner on our patio every night and watching our fur babies play outside. However this is what changed my husbands mind on staying in the complex. Every night while eating dinner we would have what we called dinner and a show! We laugh about it now but it wasn't a pleasant site! You see the problem was that from our patio you could see the neighbours master bedroom bathroom, and because the windows were frosted, the neighbours thought we couldn't see in and never closed the blinds! In the mean time we could see everything including the son flexing in the mirror, whenever someone was on the toilet, and the worst part was seeing them take a shower! We asked them multiple times to please close the blinds when using the bathroom but they never did. So that and a few other problems made us reanalyse what we wanted, and I am so grateful we did.

We started looking at different plans to start building on a piece of land (plot) which my husband already owned. I started playing around on a design app and eventually we got the design we loved! Now all we had to do was sell our house we were living in so that we could build our dream home. On the 14th of June 2017 we started the foundations, and it took us a year and 8 months to get it to a point where we were able to live in it.

The day we started digging for foundations

When searching for plans and ideas I discovered the home decor community on instagram and loved all the inspiration and beautiful ideas I got from this community. I decided to start documenting the progress of the house because it was awesome to look back on and see how far we have come. In the beginning of last year I decided that I wanted to start a blog and made it one of my goals for the year. I never got to it as the year flew by and we were so busy with the house and wedding plans and just doing life that it got away from me. Then in the beginning of December Ramona from Ruffles & Rust, who I had been following for a while, asked me to join them on their weekly blog post and instagram feature with #romancingthehome. To say I was excited and honoured is an understatement.

So that's what bought me here! Finally reaching a goal, and hopefully another step closer to achieving my dreams.

So please stay a while, and let me know what you would love to see from me and Our Unique Home. I have a few things planned that I hope you will love, so sign up and stay connected with me for all the exciting things ahead!

Inspiration images curtesy of Pintrest

Some of the many progress photos of Our Unique Home.


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